Well hey there, frienderoo!

Welcome to my lil corner of the interwebs! As someone exploring spirituality for the first time, I thought you and I could use a place to explore the metaphysical in a way that felt a bit more conversational. So here we are!

I was born and raised in an orthodox religious home and finally left the faith about 3 years ago. For the record, I had an incredible childhood and my parent's religion was a big part of that. But as most do after leaving an intense religion, I immediately jumped to atheism, and that felt right for a while, but there was always this little whispering in the back of my head that knew that atheism wasn't right for me. I've always been a deeply spiritual person, but it was always in a way that was induced, forced, or inauthentic. Retraining my brain to not be afraid of spirituality was a hurdle all on its own, but once I learned how to finally trust and embrace my spiritual intuition, I finally felt free. Free to express the inner world that was kept tied up in the back for so long. 

When I first started down my spiritual path, I was a little frustrated with how loose it all seemed. I was used to extremely strict religious dogma. I can't tell you how many different pamphlets and scripture were strewn around my room growing up. I always knew exactly what was right and what was wrong, so moving into a community that was much more fluid was quite frankly terrifying, but again, freeing. I love spirituality because it's all about what resonates with YOU. You PERSONALLY. It doesn't matter if your beliefs don't align with someone else's. It's about YOUR path. 

And with that being said, while you read this blog, only take with you what resonates—what feels like coming home. If something doesn't resonate, by all means, ignore it. In fact, this blog is already incorrect. I don't think it's ethical for anyone to say they "know" about what happens after death or what the Spirit World looks like, or really to claim anything that isn't scientifically provable. These are just my best guesses, what makes sense in my mind and what resonates with my soul. This blog is simply a place to put my ideas, thoughts, and beliefs out into the universe to hopefully help others on their path.

I'm super excited for us to get to know each other! Please feel free to follow me on Instagram or TikTok so we can chat and grow together 🌱