Cosmic Shift 21 Day Challenge

Okay, ya'll...IT'S HAPPENING. Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Saturn, the planet of structure are finally meeting in the sign of Aquarius for the first time in 400 years.This rare event is called the Great Conjunction, and will spark a new age or energetic era for the world.

Astrology is often compared to weather reports. It can't predict the future, but it can tell you what kind of energetic weather you're going to be dealing with, and honey, we are about to enter some INCREDIBLE weather. Not only is the energy on December 21 going to be immaculate, but it's also going to continue for the next 200 years! This means that for the rest of your life, you'll have this energy to work with. This energy will be yours to mold and play with. And because of that, we're launching a 21 Day Cosmic Shift Challenge!

Starting on December 1st, I'm going to be posting daily tasks to help you align with this beautiful energy coming in. As the world steps into this new era of Great Conjunction energy, you'll step into the person you've been wanting to be. Got some old habits you need to kick? Me too. Let's do it together. Have a vision for your life you haven't quite gotten to yet? SAME! Let's manifest it together. Then on December 21st when Jupiter and Saturn join together for the first time in 400 years, you'll be able to look back at the progress you've made over these past 21 days while looking ahead with hopeful enthusiasm towards the future. In 21 days, you'll learn the skills you need to manifest what you want, and you'll have the confidence in yourself to actually go after what you want.

Now, if you're just reading this and it's almost December 21st, or even past the Great Conjunction, don't worry! You can still do the 21 day challenge. And lucky for you, there will be some wonderful energetic weather to work with!

There will be a blog post every day with a little blurb about my own personal progress, as well as a PDF worksheet for you to print off, free of charge! Tag me on Instagram and TikTok (@midnightsmads_) so we can spread the word and share in each other's success!

Your very first PDF is up and ready to be downloaded, as well as the Day 1 challenge! Have fun and dream wildly


Cosmic Shift Intro
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