Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 10

Wow, we've made it all the way to day TEN! Who knew so much energy could be shifted in just ten days? My body feels lighter? Like the weight I'd feel from all of my problems is so much lighter now that we've actually addressed and healed the root of so many issues. I feel so much freer. But even with that, I've also felt some resistance.

For instance, last night I just REALLY wanted food from a restaurant, I was not in the mood to cook or to eat anything in my house. But once I recognized that I wanted junk food, my ego instantly was like, "but we're supposed to be eating healthy!! That's our goal! You have to stick to it 100%!" and honestly, that thought was EXHAUSTING. And why's that? Because there's no flexibility in it.

When we try to cut out a new habit, one of the biggest reasons why we fail is because we don't allow any kind of flexibility. We try to be extremely rigid with it and because of that, we fail. Nothing in life is rigid. Our entire universe exists is a state of fluidity. And balance doesn't happen by standing still, it happens with motion.

Just to stand up straight right now, the muscles in your feet only keep you upright because they're constantly moving and adjusting to keep you in place. Move too much one way or another and you'll topple over. Consider the image of an elephant balancing on a ball. It only stays up right by ever so slightly moving the ball beneath them back and forth.

Bad habits happen when forget how to be balanced and instead, swing only to one side. There's no give or take, you're just on the ground, ball bouncing away from you, wondering how in the hell you got there in the first place, and wondering why it keeps happening.

Fixing a bad habit happens when we first acknowledge why we keep falling off the balancing ball (root/shadow work), gain the courage to get back up on the ball, and finally, actually learn how to balance yourself. This is tough to do when our brain is used to working in extremes.

For instance, I really wanted some fast food. Old me would have probably gotten something super unhealthy that would make me feel like shit and then I would have beaten myself up for not living up to my goal. Instead, I still got fast food, but I chose to get something that was a bit on the healthier side and that I knew wouldn't upset my already upset stomach (yay for chronic stomach probs). I just leaned my balancing ball a little to the left instead of going full swing ahead and toppling over.

Here's another example. I've been on the hunt for the perfect couch and found one that I absolutely LOVED...but it was $4,000. Did I have the credit line to buy it? Yes. Would that have been the wisest decision? No. Old me DEFINITELY would have bought it and once again called it self care. Instead, I ended up finding one that was still super cute and comfy, but on sale for only $1,000. But this wasn't easy!! I was fighting so many old impulses to just buy the couch that I actually wanted. I had to pull my brain out of extreme, unbalanced thinking. That's tough to do, but it's also tough to balance on a ball! It takes practice and attention, and that's what you're doing right now.

Continue to find ways to stay balanced and find fluidity in your habits. You'll have much more success if you do.

Download today's worksheet below.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 10
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