Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 12

Today is one of my favorite days, where we just bask in the glory of all the work that we've done! I mean, hell, we've done a LOT of work over the last twelve days! And while today isn't necessarily a "break," it's a day where you can sit back, relax, and really feel the energy shift happening in your life.

It's easier to tame the ego when we have our attention focused. When we're relaxed, it's easier for the ego to take control. As you go about your day, notice the times that the ego tries to butt in, when it tries to drag you back into hold habits. Don't be shocked when these thoughts pop into your head, it doesn't mean that your manifestation didn't work! In fact, it's part of the process. Manifestation is the practice of challenging old habits and having the courage to go after the future that you want. And like I said, it takes practice! Every time a thought pops into your head that contradicts your manifestation, that's an opportunity to actually help your manifestation come to fruition.

By challenging negative thought patterns, you're digging a deeper neuro-pathway in the direction that you desire. As you continue to prove these thoughts wrong, they'll slowly start showing up less and less. You're getting yourself further and further from old paths and traveling further and further down new ones.

Keep trekking along, and download today's worksheet to help you challenge negative thought patterns.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 12
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