Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 13

These next four days are gonna be fuuuuuuun! We're switching gears a bit and jumping back to day one. Remember day one? Feels like forever ago. But way back when, we wrote down two habits we wanted to release and two habits we wanted to embrace. Now for the rest of the challenge, you have two options:

Option 1: Pick one of the habits/beliefs you want to embrace to work on

Option 2: Keep working on one of the habits/beliefs you want to release

Now if you feel like you really kicked those negative habits/beliefs to the curb, feel free to move onto the habits/beliefs you want to embrace! If you're like me and still struggling with some of those negative beliefs/habits, feel free to keep working on it with this new manifestation method.

There are literally LOADS of manifestation methods, and finding which one works best for you is KEY! And, it's different for everyone! If you're a visual person like me, you're gonna love this new method.

For the next four days, we'll be exploring the visualization method. For five minutes every day, you'll sit down somewhere quiet and just visualize what your life looks and feels like after shifting into your new reality. The FEELS is super important here. We are deeply emotional creatures, and habits/thoughts are controlled by emotions. So really taking time to feel what your new reality looks like will help you brain switch gears and start manifesting those feelings into your own life! And then before you know it, BOOM! New reality.

If you're ready to dive into this new manifestation method, download the worksheet below.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 13
PDF • 75KB