Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 14

Welcome to day 14! How are you liking the visualization method? No lie, I'm LOVING it. I'm an emotional person, so tapping into the emotions of the manifestation are super duper powerful for me. As the days go on and you practice your visualizations, they'll get deeper and more vivid. It's kind of fun to watch this future reality literally unfold in your own mind!

Like I said yesterday, I'm choosing to still work on my habit of becoming financially responsible because ya girl is still struggling. This is probably the biggest habit I have that I want to break, so I already knew it was going to take longer, but DAMN. I'm kind of annoyed? Like COME ON! I'm ready to move on! But for some reason, I haven't quite been able to kick my reckless spending to the curb. Granted, I have been doing a LOT better, but the residue of a lot of my fears and insecurities. surrounding this are still around.

And that means...*drum roll please*....there is still some kind of emotional wound holding me back. If you're also struggling with breaking a bad habit, you're probably in the same boat. For me, this isn't an inner child wound, but a current self wound. I genuinely don't believe I can do it. I have sooooo much self doubt. I've never been able to break this habit before, no matter how hard I tried, so my brain is just sitting there twiddling it's thumbs and waiting for me to fail.

And that's why I'm excited about the visualization method. It gets my brain curious about the idea of actually doing this. It opens up the possibility for success.

I was watching a TikTok the other day and they were talking about how our brains can hold on to negative habits/beliefs in order to help us do something good for ourselves. Here's the example they gave—if you only work out when you feel guilty or bad about yourself, then your brain is going to make you feel bad about yourself in order to guilt you into working out, and then that becomes the ONLY time you ever work out. Your brain doesn't know how to get you to work out without sending you on a guilt trip. In order to over come this, you kind of have to start playing some mind games with yourself. You have to start doing things for yourself in a positive mindset instead of a negative mindset so that your brain knows of another way to encourage you to do something good for yourself.

For me, I only think about being financially responsible and saving money when I'm flat broke or racked up my credit card. So now, my brain tries to get me to save BY being reckless because that's the only way it knows how to do it. So during my visualizations, I'm spending time sitting with the positive emotion of how much I love to save, and how much I love NOT to spend. That way, my brain has some more tools to work with and I stop going down the negative route to financial responsibility.

If you're ready to continue the journey, download the worksheet below.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 14
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