Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 15

Welcome to day 15! How are you liking the visualization method? It takes a lot less time to do, but for me, it is the most powerful. Like I said, It gets your emotions and your mind in sync with your manifestation, which is super powerful!

For me, it's interesting because when I manifest a future where I'm financially responsible, I still imagine myself living the same way, which is kind of funny, because in order for me to be financially responsible, I need to cut back! It's hilarious how the brain tries to hold on to current habits while also trying to release those habits.

It's almost like our mind is trying to idealize our current situation instead of recognizing that our current situation has to change in order for us to reach the goal we're dreaming of. For me, visualizing a life where I'm financially responsible while ALSO having whatever I want whenever I want is like mixing oil and water. They just don't mix, and visualizing that future is probably more to be determent than my betterment. Instead, I'm trying to visualize the feeling of gratitude and feeling grounded in what I already have without desiring for more. Cause lets be real, I can totally be materialistic sometimes (and I'm working on this lol).

As you're doing your visualizations today, notice where the oil and water are mixing. Is there anything slipping into your visualization that just doesn't mix? What do you need to do now in order to purify your visualization and truly manifest something that is possible for you?

Download today's worksheet below 🧡

Cosmic Shift_ Day 15
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