Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 16

We made it to day 16! How are ya'll feeling? Today's been a weird day for me. I've kind of been feeling down about the progress (or lack thereof) I've made on my habit/belief. I totally thought that I'd have this in the bag by now, and realizing how much oil is mixing with my visualization and how much I have to change in order to fix it is suuuuuper overwhelming. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

I totally know that having expectations can really fuck up your progress, and I definitely had expectations for myself that I'm realizing now is un-realistic. But at the same time, this challenge has brought me more progress than I've made in like 5 years.That's ALSO insane and something to be proud of!

2020 has really taught me the concept of duality. I think it's in our nature to have black and white thinking, especially for those like me that grew up in an extremely rigid religion. Opposing views/beliefs BOTH being correct is so foreign to me, but 2020 has really shown me that two opposing beliefs can absolutely be true.

Recognizing duality in ourselves is probably the best way to keep our courage strong. It validates us while also encouraging us. It's allowing us to be a little bummed while also allowing us to be immensely proud. It's that concept of balance again. Don't completely fall off the ball because you haven't totally found your footing yet. You're going to get there. But you can't be whole until you embrace all the pieces of you, all the duality within you. And there is duality in all things, even in your manifestation/visualization.

Like for me, the duality is that I like having nice things and am frustrated with the fact that I have to cut back. At the same time, I'm also really excited to have a nice chunk of change in the bank and not be stressed about unexpected expenses. Both are true! And both are valid! And I don't need to "let go" of this negative feeling, I kind of need to embrace it. I need to embrace the fact that my days of buying nice shit for no reason are out the window. Like, it was fun while it lasted, but it's time to be a god damn adult lol. Embrace what's uncomfortable about your visualization and learn how to make it work to your betterment instead of your detriment.

Download today's worksheet below 🧡

Cosmic Shift_ Day 16
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