Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 17

Day 17! Now that we've wrapped up our visualizations, we're moving on to our final manifestation method. Now you might not see this one coming...but it's ART!

Yes, art can be a manifestation method! Art is an expression of what you're feeling inside, and getting it out on paper can help manifest what you're aiming for. And since we just spent the last several days visualizing our manifestations, this is the perfect time to put it on paper.

Now if you're nervous about doing art or don't think you're an "art person," acknowledge that and ALSO acknowledge that you can totally try this. Duality! Also, no one but YOU needs to see this, so it's okay if it's not pretty! Honestly, this isn't even about the finished project, it's about the actual process of creating your manifestation in color.

Your art can be ANYTHING! Here are some ideas to get started:

- Photo collage

- Digital art

- Painting

- Drawing

- Coloring

- Pinterest board

- Photography

Whatever art format you pick, just try to really channel your manifestation. This can be as literal or interpretive/creative as you want! Spend about 15-10 a day really getting in the zone, thinking about your manifestation, and channeling it into your art.

I really love doing simple marker art, so here's what I did for today's challenge:

For me, I love the idea of tying my manifestation to a blossoming garden. It takes so much time to cultivate these good habits, and I keep reminding myself that the work is worth it. In the end, the abundance I'll experience will be like a beautiful garden.

Ready for today's challenge? Download the worksheet below 🎨

Cosmic Shift_ Day 17
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