Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 18

Welcome to day 18! We're getting so much closer! How are you liking the art challenge? I personally love it. It just feels so light and fun and not so serious, and after weeks of really diving into some heavy stuff, I think it's important to start diving into a lighter look and feel!

Today, I'd encourage you to pick a new art form to experiment with! Who cares if it's not your forte, just try something new! For example, I decided to dive into the Pinterest side of things. When I envision being financially responsible, I mostly picture the freedom of finally owning my own home. That's the big reason why I WANT to get financially responsible. So I made a Pinterest board just for this and spent 15 minutes finding pins that really resonated with me.

To start today's challenge, download the worksheet below.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 18 (1)
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