Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Cosmic Shift Challenge! Yesterday we jotted down which habits or beliefs we want to release and which ones we want to embrace, as well as learning the 5x55 meditation method. Now that we've got the basic ground work done, it's time to dig into the dirt and get our hands a little dirty.

Manifestation and spiritual work isn't all love and light, happiness, and good vibes. A lot of times, it can get dark, messy, and emotional. While aligning with our Highest Self may sound appealing, you have an entire Shadow Self that is also here to help you.

So what is the Shadow Self? Well, we know that there is duality within everything. Light and dark, day and night, etc. Just as we have a Higher Self, we also have a Lower Self, a Shadow Self. Now, we have to clarify that "dark" doesn't automatically mean "evil." After all, you wouldn't call night time evil just because it's dark out. There is purpose in the night, healing in the night, and the same goes for your Shadow Self.

Your Shadow Self is often the subconscious part of you, the inner child that holds onto events and memories that your awake self hardly even remembers. But those memories are still affecting you deeply because your Shadow Self is still clutching onto them for dear life. Shadow Work is the practice of examining your darker self with loving kindness and empathy, finally extending a hand to that inner child and allowing them the space to speak and heal without judgement.

For today's challenge, we're going to make our first contact, our first invitation to our shadow self. I would highly recommend taking time looking at pictures of yourself from your childhood, connecting with your inner child through music or moves you loved growing up, or meditating and trying to connect with your Shadow Self. You might just think that you're talking to yourself, but it's amazing what can pop into your head completely unprompted.

For example, last year I noticed some tension in my body and I could feel that my Shadow Self had something that was bothering it. I decided to meditate on it and a memory popped up of my house being flooded when I was about three years old. I could feel the fear of losing my home all over again. The funny thing is, I couldn't tell if this was a real memory or just one of my vivid childhood dreams. So I asked my mom and sure enough, our house did flood and the memories I had were totally real. I was able to connect those feelings of loss to some of the negative habits and beliefs I was dealing with at the time, and because I was able to heal the initial wound, I was able to release the habit and belief.

To begin your shadow work journey, download the free worksheet below 🌑

Cosmic Shift_ Day 2
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