Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 20

We're getting down the the nitty gritty, and today is our last day for manifestation art! If you've found a method of art you love, keep going with that! If you haven't, try something new! This is all an experiment, so feel free to get as creative as you want with your art!

For me, I felt like coloring, so I simply Googled "money manifestation coloring page" and ended up finding this super cute printable sheet by Manifestations for Creatives!

I like coloring because I can get into a meditative state while doing it. It's really easy for me to focus on the manifestation, and for like an hour I get to think and feel and color. It's super fun!

Really take today to get into the groove and feel what this future life is going to be like, because tomorrow is the big event—the Grand Conjunction.

Ready for today's challenge? Download the sheet below.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 20 (1)
PDF • 37KB