Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 21 (Finale)

WE DID IT! We made it to day 21, the Grand Conjunction, the Winter Solstice. We've spent the last 21 days together cultivating the energy we want for our lives, and now it's time to really, truly bask in that energy. How beautiful this entire process has been. I created this super spontaneously, and I've been amazed by how something so organic could also be so powerful. I know that I've felt a definite shift in my own life, like an actual SHIFT, and others who have been doing the challenge have told me they've experienced the same thing.

Healing energy on your own is so powerful, but doing it together as a community over these past 21 days hold a special power. Our combined efforts absolutely amplify the energy. Our focused attention on intention is extremely powerful, and I'm so excited to see how this shift really changes our lives.

And now it's time to celebrate!!! Whether that means taking a ceremonial bath, spending time in nature, drinking a little bit too much wine...celebrate in the way that is most meaningful for YOU. Because you absolutely deserve it. This has been massive. This has been healing. This has been a cosmic shift.

AND, remember, the energetic weather right now. is BONKERS. It is POWERFUL and ready to serve you! Spend a solid 30 minutes to an hour writing in detail the life that you want for yourself. Don't think of limitation, only think of possibilities. Write out every little thing you want for yourself. Dream big. You are deserving of every possibility you could possibly imagine, so write it down! Make sure to write it in the present-tense, like it's already happened. Then read it aloud to yourself 1-3 times, or until it feels truly solidified within you, until you don't just feel that it's a possibility, but until you KNOW that this life is coming to you! It's here! You can do this.

Your very last worksheet is ready to download below. It has been an honor to go through this journey with you, and I can't wait to hear about all of your successes.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 21
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