Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 4

Alright folks, day 4 is upon us! I hope that you've really taken the time to embrace the old you with loving kindness. A lot of times, we think that we have to ignore our past selves in order to move past it, but what we really need to do is wrap that old you in a warm embrace and tell them that they are loved. Tara Brach, a famous meditation instructor, once said that you can only be whole when you embrace the things that have been left out. I love that phrase because it just shows that you can't banish parts of yourself and still feel whole. That old you is still YOU, and finding harmony between your old self and your new self will create harmony in your daily life.

Back on day 1, we chose 2 new habits that would help you release the habit or belief you have about yourself. My two new habits are to remove all online shopping apps on my phone (goodbye, Etsy...I will miss you) and to put all my spending money on my Cash App card so I can track my spending easier.

Side note: If you struggle with budgeting, get the Cash App card! You can order one for free on the app and it works just like a debit card. Every Monday, I upload my spending money to the card and use that instead of my debit card. One of my problems has been tracking my spending, and doing that on my debit card was hard since so many bills were coming out of it. But with the Cash App card I can see exactly how much spending money I have for that week. Plus they have discounts you can get for using the card, like 10% off at any grocery store! This isn't an ad or anything, I just freaking LOVE the Cash App card and it's already been helping me a ton this week.

As you start putting these new habits into practice, notice any tension that rises inside of you. Healing old wounds doesn't happen over night. You are literally retraining your brain to think differently. You're literally paving a new thought pattern in your psyche, and just as it takes FOREVER for a new road to be built, it takes a while for this new brain pattern to get fully paved. So when an old thought pattern pops up, right it down! Once you have acknowledged it, see if you can prove it wrong.

For instance, my parents were going shopping and I instantly wanted to go with them. It was like this weird need to spend money. So I recognized that and then tried to see how I could prove it wrong, and I could! I totally don't need to spend money right now, all my needs are met (that's my mantra!). If you're struggling to fight the negative thought pattern from your past, take time to show that negative thought some compassion. I love to say "that was then, this is now"because it acknowledges and gives validation to my old self and the wound I experienced while also acknowledging that this situation is totally different and doesn't apply in the same way. It validates both your past and your present.

Download the worksheet below and start paving your new path.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 4
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