Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 6

We've made it to day six! Now that your daily manifestations are completed, it's time to release it into the universe and bask in the energy you've created!

Over the last six days, you've created a new timeline for yourself, quite literally! I once heard that new habits are hard to keep because you are literally ripping yourself out of an old reality and into a new one. A literal cosmic shift. Just think about it. If you continue down this path, your life is going to be completely different than if you hadn't have taken on this challenge. If I hadn't taken the time to really dig deep into the hidden roots of my bad habit, I never would have healed it and would have probably always had money problems. Now that I'm on the path to healing that habit, my entire future trajectory has shifted. I've created a new timeline, and so have you!

But this isn't easy to do. The entire time we're foraging a new path, our ego is shouting at us to stop, putting up roadblocks, and building up resistance. It's doing this because the ego is being left behind, it's in survival mode. It doesn't want to say goodbye. But the ego is only one part of you, and it's ever changing. In fact, you're going to go through this cycle of pushing yourself into new realities over and over again throughout your life, so mastering the process now will only set you up for a brighter future.

If you're new to the concept of the ego, check out this video by one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts.

As you go through the day, right down any time your ego is getting in the way. Since we aren't doing our daily manifestations anymore, our ego might be louder than normal. Note how your ego is talking to you. Not your ego's fears, and find ways to reassure and heal your ego, getting it excited for the future that is to come.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 6
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