Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 8

It's day 8, and today we'll be doing heavy shadow work to get down deep into the root cause of our habit or belief. Luckily, you've already had some practice doing this, and as you continue to practice, it'll become easier and easier for you to find the hidden roots.

TW for next paragraph: eating disorders

Obviously, my root for my habit/belief is my eating disorder, but even eating disorders have roots. Like, I could dive down to the moment my eating disorder started, but it didn't just pop up out of nowhere. It started somewhere else. I can actually remember the first time I became conscious of my body size. I was in an 8th grade math class and I looked down at my stomach and noticed that it was folding over my pants a little bit. I felt so gross and kept trying to suck it in but it just kept being there. I got soooo much anxiety and I remember being extremely conscious of my body at that moment. That's definitely where it all began for me, and that moment took me down a path that I've been on for 13 years.

I almost feel like this habit/belief is going to be more intense for me personally than the first one. There's a lot more history to unpack because it's been a problem for much longer. If you're in the same boat, walk yourself through the experience in chronological order, from your first memory to your last like a movie. Pin point memories or "frames" in the movie that are still painful. Make a list of all of these moments, and we'll work on healing them during tomorrow's challenge.

To start finding the hidden roots of your habit/belief, download the worksheet below.

Cosmic Shift_ Day 8 (1)
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