Cosmic Shift Challenge: Day 1

Alright, ya'll! It's DAY 1, which means it's time to lay the ground work for the next 21 days. To begin, we're going to write out 2 beliefs or habits that you're ready to release and 2 beliefs or habits you're ready to embrace. Since we're taking this journey together, here are mine:

Habits or beliefs to release:

  • I am reckless with my money and am horrible at saving

  • Eating healthy food is the same as restricting

Habits or beliefs to embrace:

  • I want to become a morning person!

  • I want to spend more time on my hobbies

So a little background on these: I am horrible with my money. For instance, yesterday I went to the crystal store to get some incense and I came back with a $200 crystal. Like, it ain't pretty. And I feel a lot of shame around this because I make good money and totally have the means to save, but I'm an emotional spender. When I'm bored, I go to the crystal store and BOOM. Budget is BLOWN. I know that there is a lot of emotional ties that are creating this habit, which we'll explore on day 2. I'm ready to release this from my life and start a journey of financial responsibility.

TW: eating disorders for the following paragraph:

I've struggled with food my entire life, but back in 2014 I actually developed a severe eating disorder and ended up in treatment for about 9 months. It was one of the darkest times of my life, and even today it feels like a spooky monster that's living under my bed. Like, I eat food now and I don't even really think about it much, but the trauma from that experience is still lingering. Any time I try to eat healthy food, my brain will freak out and think that we're restricting, even though I'm not. I'm just eating healthy! I've been working on these thought patterns with my therapist, and am really ready to let go of the fear and allow my body to actually enjoy eating. For the longest time, I was only eating healthy to fit a social norm or because of social pressure. I've never experienced healthy eating from a healthy mindset. But in order to do that, I need to let go of my past fears and the protector in my brain that's trying to alert me to a potential threat. That protector definitely helped me in the past, but I'm ready to let them go.

I am one of the laziest people I know. Like god DAMN. I have so much time in the day and so many projects I want to finish and what do I end up doing? Scrolling through TikTok. Or re-watching Parks & Rec. It's the easier way to relax, it doesn't actually demand anything of me. A lot of my projects demand me to be vulnerable and open and attentive, and that can seem really exhausting by the end of the day. But when I DO force myself to get started, I always enjoy it so much more and feel so much more rested and rejuvenated afterwards. I want to start a habit of choosing projects/hobbies as my FIRST form of relaxation.

Speaking of lazy, I have a habit of waking up 20 minutes before work. I work from home, so it's pretty easy to just roll out of bed and hop on the laptop. But I think this is actually what's draining me so much. I don't have any kind of "me time" before work. I'm just jumping into the capitalist cog machine first thing in the morning! And for the record, I've NEVER been a morning person. I've tried before, and it just doesn't work. I think this plays into the whole "real rest vs easy rest" idea. It just feels nicer to stay in bed instead of getting up and moving. I want to change this and start feeling excited for the mornings instead!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas for things you want to release and embrace! In the PDF below, you'll be asked to write these down, so take some time to really think this through. Once you have your beliefs/habits picked out, we'll pick one that you want to start with and for the next week, we'll be focusing on healing that energy and replacing it with new energy. This will include some shadow work (these are journal prompts that are specific for diving into the more "negative" side of yourself to understand and heal it) as well as the 5x55 manifestation method.

If you're new to manifestation, oh boy, buckle up. It's so simple that it almost feels silly, but it totally works. In fact, the CIA has done experiments that prove manifestation to be real! The 5x55 method basically goes like this: you'll write out your manifestation/positive affirmation 55 times for 5 days straight. This gives your brain plenty of time to get used to the idea, it shows the universe that you're serious, and it sets you up for success. Along with the daily manifestations, you'll pick a few habits to go along with it. For example, for the second habit I want to release, my "action" is that I'm going to cook 2 meals at home every day and document them.

If this feels like a lot, don't worry, because I've created a little workbook that'll guide you through the whole process! Just click the link below to get started ❤️

Cosmic Shift_ Day 1
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