Podcast Episode 7: Root Chakra, Pt. 4

Did you guys know that I also have a podcast? Well...buckle up because the Midnight Mads podcast is a deep dive into everything energy and spirituality.

I made this podcast on a whim, with just my phone and a cup of tea, as a way to connect with people who are just starting to learn about the concepts within spirituality. For me, my journey into the realm of energy work started with the chakras. I strongly believe that we have these energy centers, along with many others, that highly impact our lives. But their energy is so subtle that we often don't notice when it's off. By becoming aware and bonding with our bodies and the energy centers within them, we can become rooted in ourselves and expand our conscious awareness outwards.

We're already on episode 7, part 4 of the root chakra series. You can listen to the Midnight Mads podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere you like to listen.

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